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3 – Steven Alan Green

Long time comedian Steven Alan Green met with mark over lunch to talk about fame, The Comedy Store and Jerry Lewis. This is a story that no one should miss especially anyone who has ever even dreamed of working in the entertainment industry.

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1 – Comics Converse at a Subway Sandwiches in Hollywood (w/ Greg Buckman)

Two L.A. comics meet st a Subway Sandwiches in Hollywood and have a conversation about comedy, Bigfoot and UFO’s.

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The Sand Bar vibe has been described

The Sand Bar vibe has been described as the ‘best house party, you never had.’ And on occasion that’s pretty accurate. A haven for the more discerning student, the odd group of lecturers and plenty of arty / creative types. Continental lagers and ales are available for the aficionados. I think we coming. I think we going to explode on a game coming up. We didn score a lot tonight. “After discovering the effect of oats, I found that pasta caused some trouble during and before menstruation. Since it was cheap, convenient and tasty, I was eating pasta about


A nice hit of salt and extra chewy

A nice hit of salt and extra chewy texture make this a good pick for those who prefer an extra sturdy pizza crust. Found in the freezer section, the dough thaws in a few hours and can hold an extra day in the fridge, if necessary. A serving has 130 calories, 1.5 g fat, 440 mg sodium. The event will be co hosted by the Nashville Sports Council and the Ohio Valley Conference, which has its headquarters are in Brentwood. Fourteen board members make up the Nashville Local Organizing Committee (NLOC), which oversees the organization of the events. Those


What it does

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Know it changed from my first couple years, that for sure, Crosby said. Game is much tighter. Pointed to the average number of penalties as evidence that sticks, elbows, etc., aren flying quite as much as they used to. Don’t start bargaining or even look interested or you’ll be chased around the hallways by an angry vendor who will not be rejected. That’s the first rule of bargain shopping in China do not begin the process of bargaining if you don’t want the item. They’ll keep dropping the price with the understanding that you will finally accept it and


The Seattle Times put out a list

The Seattle Times put out a list of 13 ideas for cheap dates and I like to bring some attention to the ideas if only to shame folks who actually go through with them. Why? Seems rather callous to some of you, I sure. But you should never be on the lookout for cheap dates. I get to give them away. I get to be Santa Claus all the time,” says the 61 year old.Bradford says he received donations of money and bicycles from friends and strangers to help him with his giveaway.Donated bicycles fill his yards on both


Rotating Luggage Handle Rotating

Rotating Luggage Handle Rotating Luggage Handle: Tired of tripping over your own bags at the airport? Anyone with a rolling suitcase will appreciate the Rotating Luggage Handle, a strap on adapter that coverts your bag’s rigid handle into an ergonomically rotating 360 degree one. SmarterTravel likes the handle because “it’s easy to use, works with just about any kind of luggage you can imagine, and at under $20 it’s a small price to pay for reduced wear and tear on your arms and shoulders.” Price: $16.95Lights Out Sleep MaskLights Out Sleep Mask: What’s the best way to start your


Others see the threat to withdraw

Others see the threat to withdraw from the agreement as an attempt to jar Canada and Mexico into coming to the bargaining table ready to make concessions. Shimp notes, though, that they’d already said they were willing to negotiate changes to NAFTA. Trade policy, says Trump’s modestly worded draft proposal for NAFTA in March probably suggests how negotiations will end:. These packages are good value for the money and are generally packed with entertainment. There are many discounts available to Las Vegas tourists during the holiday season, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is because these holidays are family