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Are saying that they have a lot of concern about seeing all these flying objects and flying packages in their skyline around their homes. They oppose it. They don like it. Tennessee has plenty of electricity. Federally subsidized since 1935 including the 2015 Obama budget, TVA has an 80 year history of mismanagement. Guess what happens when they get this electricity? TVA was established to put thousands of unemployed Tennesseeans to work building dams and hydroelectric plants on the Mississippi, Cumberland and Tennessee rivers to name some.

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(WHNT) The best part of the Deal or Dud road is meeting people like MLissa Mazzeo. After being in her home for 10 minutes, we realized we wanted to know more about her than the product we asked her to test. MLissa decided the DashMasha 2X was a “Deal.” It mashes potatoes.

Chalkboard Skater wall stickersThe trouble with kids is they change their minds so often and when it comes to bedroom decor that’s a lot of decisions between toddler and teen. The answer is wall stickers. More than 300 choices here, most repositionable and cheap enough to chuck and change when they’re bored.

In a Jan. 12 letter to Premier Floyd Roland, Avalon president and CEO Don Bubar wrote the company is concerned about the NWT’s “apparent hesitation” to offer hydroelectric power to new large industrial consumers at prices that are competitive with Saskatchewan. He also disagreed with the designation of diamond mines as priority customers for Taltson power.