Infusing Oils – Therapeutic and Satisfying

Many people search our website or e mail us asking how to make their own infused oils from herbal material and really as it is quite simple we thought we’d write these brief instructions and refer enquirers to this………

Infused oils fall into two brackets really – those that are flavoured and used in cooking which can include Chilly and Garlic, Tarragon, Pepper and Garlic and so forth – the list is endless really and very much down to individual tastes.

Medicinal or traditional infused oils, however, zombie tsunami hacks use herbal material and employ the infusing process to transfer the naturally occurring chemical constituents of the herb to the oil in which you are infusing them in order to either use as is or then go on to manufacture a cream etc.

The process is largely the same for both though.

If using fresh herbal material, perhaps picked from your own garden, make sure you wash it thoroughly and then hang it to dry. Don’t attempt to dry it with Check our website a tea towel or paper towels. If using purchased dry herbal material from a reputable supplier, you need do nothing – It has already been done.

The key is to make sure that the container you use for making the infused oil is made of glass and not plastic and has an airtight seal. Kilner jars are perfect for this and it is quite imperative that you sterilise the jar before using it otherwise your infused oil might very well ( and probably will ) ferment. You will know that this has happened because when you open the jar it will “puff” and bubbles will appear in the oil. Its not that much of a problem if its only slight.

Sterilising is not at all difficult but it requires more than just washing the jar or pouring boiling water into it. Neither will sterilise the jar effectively. You should wash the jar, certainly, but then place it in the oven for ten minutes at 200 degrees. You can use a dishwasher but ensure that the jars dry off naturally at the end of the wash cycle. The oven method will ensure, as far as possible, that bacteria is killed off.

NEVER wipe the jar with your tea towel – you will merely transfer all the bacteria on your tea towel to the jar and similarly you should make sure that your hands are as thoroughly clean as you can make them or you will transfer the bacteria from your hands to the jar too. Any bacteria might cause your infused oil to ferment.

Place your herbal material into the jar when you have removed it from the oven, letting the jar cool to the point where you can touch it and find it a bit uncomfortably hot but you can keep your hands on the outside without burning yourself. If it is too hot for you to comfortably keep your hands on the outside of the jar then its too hot to put the herbal material and the oil into it. If you let it get absolutely cold then bacteria could attach to it. Think jam making – it is the same process really. Place your herbal material carefully into the jar and then pour the oil of your choice ( Sunflower, Olive oil or whatever) over the herbal material so that enough oil covers at least an inch above the settled green material.

Place the jar in a sunny windowsill for at least 30 days, agitating every other day (a gentle shake ) and opening the jar slightly a few times quickly to ensure no fermentation is taking pace. You can speed the process up by keeping the oil warm but not over direct heat. If you want to speed up the process then place your jar, with its contents, in a bowl filled with hot water and keeps replenishing it.

After 30 days or so open, strain and there you have it – an infused oil. You can now use it as it is or with emulsifying wax you can turn it one piece treasure cruise hack cheats into a cream. If adding essential oils to either the infused oil or if then turning that oil into a cream always add at the last minute of preparation to avoid evaporation of the essential oils

Because this process can be used to flavour infuse an oil ‎
with culinary herbs and spices, you can also use the infused oil in your cooking or dressings. In this case many people leave the herbal material in the oil as its pretty in the bottle!

Of course, you can always buy them made up and ready to use, but the choice is limited, frequently expensive and after all, there is nothing as satisfying as doing something for yourself and others using your own skill.