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Van Alstyne, a law professor at the College of William and Mary law, whose protection is not secure. Reason recent federal government actions have not been reliably supportive is that, outside academe, academic freedom is viewed more as an idea or aspiration than as a certain right. Indeed, were academic freedom to describe an undisputed condition of faculty work or a legal guarantee, I doubt that the professoriate need for the AAUP, or for the inclusion of this crucial principle in the contracts bargained by faculty unions, would be as compelling as it is today..

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None of those directly answers the questions Integrity First asked for deep data and specific formulas. There are a lot of programs, and I could not find comparable figures for many of them. Other programs, such as drug court, have been a big success in diverting felons into treatment and breaking their criminal cycles, though you couldn’t really credit the jail staff with that one..

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